Dealing with your child's worries and fears

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

So this week saw one of those joyous moments for me when I had to collect my vomiting eldest child from school. It’s not fun seeing your child unwell (especially as he never really gets ill). It’s not fun trying to rub his back as he vomits into a bucket, desperately trying to soothe him whilst containing my own huge urge to retch at the smell and sound and most of all keep my nearly 2 year old away despite his desperate attempts to get involved. However this pales in comparison to the times he’s come to me worried about school, his friends, sports, wolves (more on that later) and bees (that too!). These are the worries that can stop our children sleeping, joining in, trying new things or simply feeling the joy that childhood can offer. When our children start to venture out in the world and begin to face the inevitable worries and fears that this brings, we as parents have to step up. The hardcore job of parenting ratchets up a notch! Dealing with their fears well (irrespective of how bizarre they seem) can set our children up to handle difficult emotions. The series of blogs coming soon will talk about the do's and don't of reassurance, the neuroscience behind our child's worries and fears, how you can begin to try things in a different way.

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