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Hello I'm Dr Emma Medard

Clinical Psychologist

 Everybody faces challenges in their lives and we all reach times where we need help to navigate our way through. Whether life is feeling stuck, overwhelming or out of control we need space to feel seen and heard. 


Humans thrive with connection and I believe that the heart of effective support lies in providing a safe non-judgemental space to work together. Gaining an understanding of ourselves, together with the right tools and approaches can bring meaningful, lasting change where we need it. 

A little about me


With nearly 20 years experience working in psychology and mental health I can offer you the space and time you need to explore and understand what is keeping you stuck or causing you distress as well as the tools you need to free yourself and move forward. 

I have worked with a wide variety of people and difficulties,  both in the NHS and in private practice.


Today I am passionate about helping people who struggle to feel good enough and the challenges this can lead to. I specialise in working with people who experience anxiety, depression and burnout linked to behaviours such as perfectionism and people pleasing. 


My approach

Over the years I have noticed common themes and patterns in what causes people to get stuck or feel distressed. However, everyone has their own story and unique circumstances. Working with me means working together to apply psychological understanding and theory to your experience. This allows us to unpack and map out what is going on and where to focus to help you move forward.

In my work I draw upon a wide range of models that help with different aspects of your experience. I believe to really understand ourselves we need to work on what we can see on the surface as well as what might be going on underneath beyond our awareness

To enable this, I am trained in a combination of therapies and approaches including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Compassion Focussed Therapy (CFT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and more. 

Ways we can work together

My Qualifications & Experience

  • I completed my clinical doctorate at the university of Sheffield and am a fully qualified chartered Clinical Psychologist. I also have a degree and master's in Psychology and Psychological research.

  • Since 2004 I have spent most of my career in the NHS and have worked in a number or specialisms including adult mental health, eating disorders and various medical psychology/physical health departments e.g. chronic pain, HIV & sexual health and Long-term conditions (diabetes, heart conditions etc).

  • I am a registered member of the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) regulating body and the British Psychological Society (BPS)

  • In addition to psychological therapy, as a clinical psychologist I am also trained and experienced in consultation, training/teaching and research. 

  • I started my private practice in 2018 and now work exclusively within it. 

  • I engage in regular CPD and continually update my training and skills. (My nose is never out of a book either as I love to learn and develop).

  • Prior to becoming a clinical psychologist I spent several years working in the corporate sector.

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