The initial appointment is an assessment session and is between 60 and 90 minutes. During this appointment, you will be asked to describe the difficulties you are experiencing. We will discuss the issues impacting on you at the current time, together with any relevant background information/history. You will be asked about a number of different areas of your life but there is no obligation to talk about anything you are not comfortable with.  Once we have discussed the issues in more depth we can formulate a joint understanding and plan the next steps including a treatment plan.   

We will discuss in advance if you would like to bring someone with you to the assessment. Some adults choose to bring a partner or close relative. When working with young people, some families choose for one or both parents/carers to attend this first appointment without their child. Others attend with the child, or request that the young person is seen on their own. 

Following assessment, you can decide if you would like another appointment. For some people, an assessment can be a one-off session in order to help them gain an understanding of their difficulties and/or gain a professional opinion. The assessment can be therapeutic in itself and may be enough to help some people move forward at that point. Others may choose to proceed to therapy. There is no obligation to have further sessions and you do not have to decide during the appointment.​


If you choose to proceed with therapy, you will have an opportunity to change your mind.  You are free to cancel the next appointment and any further input without needing to give an explanation. Please see what does it cost? for more information on cancellation.