Therapy appointments last between 50-60 minutes. The intervention will be a form of talking therapy and can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. The frequency and format of these sessions will be agreed at the assessment appointment. The exact nature of the treatment will depend upon the outcome of the assessment and the issues discussed. 


We will review progress regularly (usually after 6 sessions if not before). Should we reach the end of an agreed number of sessions and more are required, or you feel you need a different approach, we can review and reformulate a new plan together. In some cases, I may suggest referring you on to another professional either in addition to, or in place of, our sessions.


Older children/adolescents are normally seen on their own, although I may provide some feedback to parents. However, parents can be assured that if there are any safety concerns these will be shared with the family, your GP and any other relevant adults.

You are free to stop talking therapy at any time and you are not required to give a reason. 

Full details of confidentiality, data protection and terms and conditions are provided prior to an initial assessment.