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Physical and mental health are intrinsically connected. When we experience physical health problems it can impact upon many different areas of our life. 

changes to identity, confidence, 

trauma, pain, fatigue, social isolation 

reduced income, loss of independence,

stress, anxiety, low mood

changes to sex and intimacy

weight gain

cognitive impact e.g. memory, concentration, attention. 

How I can Help

By seeing a Clinical Psychologist, you will receive an assessment of your individual strengths, difficulties, needs and goals.  We can then apply psychological theory to understand the difficulties facing you and how to approach them. This will utilise strategies from a number of different approaches.



Depending on the issues, this can include:

  • Managing physical symptoms and adjusting lifestyle factors to help with issues such as pain, sleep problems etc.

  • Focussing on developing strategies to manage difficult thought patterns and distressing emotions related to your health.

  • Adjusting to changes in relationships and finding ways to navigate this successfully.

  • Strategies aimed at helping you take care of yourself.

Contact me to discuss your needs in more detail.

Physical Health Issues/Living with Long Term Conditions

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