The impact of a person's difficulties on their family and parenting is often raised in therapy. I have developed a specialist interest in the area and believe the right support can make a huge difference to the whole family. 

As parents, we all know there are ups and downs. There are periods of real joy, and for most of us, periods of time where we are merely trying to survive, this is nothing new! However, when life throws us a curve ball, we can find ourselves struggling to know how to move forward. 

There are different reasons why people may seek help with parenting issues as when something effects one of us, it can impact the whole family:

  • You are experiencing difficulties with your physical health, mental health/emotional difficulties, stress at work or within a relationship and it is impacting on your ability to parent in a way you would like.

  • Your child is experiencing his/her own difficulties and you are unsure how best to help them, or are struggling to maintain the kind of parenting style you want.

  • You may have simply hit a 'rough patch' that doesn't seem to be passing and you feel unsure what is going on and how best to navigate it.

This list is not exhaustive, and there could be a variety of reasons why support may be helpful.

How I can Help

do not offer generic 'parenting advice' or a packaged/manualised approach to parenting. By seeing a Clinical Psychologist, you will receive an assessment of your individual strengths, difficulties, needs and goals.  We can then apply psychological theory to understand the difficulties facing you and your family and how to approach them. This will utilise strategies from a number of different approaches.



Depending on the issues, this can include:

  • Understanding any recognised difficulties your child may be experiencing in more detail (e.g. anxiety).

  • Information about the stage of development of your child and the issues it can present/the impact it has.

  • Information about a child's developing brain and how this influences their emotions, behaviour, and approach to things.

  • Strategies to help manage the difficult situations you are experiencing with your family.

  • Strategies aimed at helping you take care of yourself in order to parent in a more mindful way.

Contact me to discuss your needs in more detail.

Physical Health Issues/Living with Long Term Conditions

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